Healthy Eating

Acorns Nursery employs a dedicated chef, with experience in catering for children to produce all nursery meals in-house.  The chef devises menus on a 3 weekly rolling basis and in line with the Children’s Food Trust’s ‘Eat Better Start Better’ guidelines.

The nursery will ensure:

  • All meals and snacks provided are nutritious and varied, avoiding large quantities of fat, sugar, salt, preservatives and colourings.
  • Snacks are offered with a free flow system.
  • Children’s medical and personal dietary requirements are respected and catered for.
  • Menus are planned in advance and the food offered is wholesome and balanced.
  • A multi-cultural diet is offered to ensure that children from all backgrounds encounter familiar tastes and that all children have the opportunity also to try unfamiliar foods.
  • The dietary rules of religious group and also vegans/vegetarians are known and met in appropriate ways.

If a child has a main meal, the following elements are included:

  • Protein for growth
  • Carbohydrates for energy
  • Essential minerals and vitamins in raw food, salads and fruits
  • Milk provided for children is whole and pasteurised

Snacks consist of fruit and every meal has a variety of vegetables. This promotes healthy eating and ensures children benefit from a balanced and healthy diet – Ofsted 2015

Sample Menu